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"Rick Ross' Car Show: A Financial Boost for Fayetteville?"

Yo, rick-ross, hip-hop's boss, is dropping some financial wisdom on his peeps in fayetteville,

Georgia. The dude popped a video on his Insta, chatting about this car show he's planning to throw at his crib, the Promise Land, on June 3. He's telling his homies to cash in on the motorheads who'll be rolling up to their hood. The big idea? Turn your driveway into a paid parking spot. Charge them Benjamin Franklins if they're close to the action, and fifties if they're a bit out. Ross is talking big bucks here, not just for his neighbors but for the whole damn community. He's picturing Airbnbs being booked solid, gas stations hitting the jackpot, and everyone from food vendors to car wash peeps riding the wave. As Ross put it, "Y'all wanna make some money or not?"

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