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Scar Lip's Candid Confession: A Tale of Disappointment and Empowerment in Modern Dating"

In a candid revelation, Scar Lip shared her recent experience of ejecting a man from her apartment after a disappointing sexual encounter, humorously summarizing it as 'He put 2 strokes in.' This story sheds light on the personal lives of celebrities and their experiences with intimacy and relationship expectations.The Bronx native chastised the individual in question during a viral Instagram Live that she claimed to have posted last month.

She stated, "I didn't say I'm not fucking you again," in the video, which doesn't reveal the man's identify. "Why are you still here? Even if you leave, I won't throw you out. You're insane. Hey, this dude is utterly insane.

"Hey guys, I won't be shocked if that n-gga shows up and tries to burn down my muthafuckin' door." Permit me to explain what transpired. I'm upset because, despite the fact that he had only given me two strokes when we were in bed together, this n-gga was going to nut me after only two minutes.

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