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"How Tiffany Haddish's Sobriety Journey Sparked a New Chapter of Self-Discovery and Celibacy"

Tiffany Haddish has opened up about how her commitment to sobriety from alcohol led to a stint of celibacy. In an interview with PEOPLE, the comedian revealed that avoiding alcohol helped her avoid sex, explaining that her decision to give up drinking had some unexpected benefits.

In the interview, Haddish mentioned that her life has been challenging lately, but her focus on self-improvement has been strong. She attributed much of the craziness in her life to alcohol, saying, “I’m very sober. I haven’t had a drink since [her DUI arrest]. When I sit back and look at my life, everything that’s crazy that’s happened is because somebody or myself had alcohol in their system.”

Tiffany shared that she often engaged in sex after drinking and frequently woke up next to people she didn't find attractive. She candidly said, "They go together. My issue was, I was waking up next to ugly men. With alcohol, [my mind] would just be like 'You're horny, let's just do it.' I be like 'Nah, nope.'"

Back in December, Haddish addressed rumors of her “spiraling out of control” following her DUI arrest. The actor had been arrested for her second DUI in two years over Thanksgiving, leading to speculation about her personal life. But Haddish dismissed the rumors, insisting that she's doing fine and is simply focusing on self-improvement.

In an Instagram Live, Tiffany said, “Ain’t no spiral here, honey. Mm mm. Just some cleaning. God’s cleaning house and woke me up. It’s time to wake up! She woke! Woo, she woke! And it feels so good. And look. Look at that. New boundaries, new limits.”

Tiffany concluded with a message about setting boundaries, saying she would no longer help people who don't help themselves, hinting that she's in a much better place now.

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