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"The Funniest Interview of the Year: Cam'ron on CNN"

The internet was treated to a vintage, unplanned moment of celebrity humor last night. The scene? A CNN reporter and rapper Cam'ron had a really ordinary interview. What was the result? Funny gold that left fans wondering what had happened, along with probably the reporter. Now let's get into this hilarious fiasco.It all began really innocently. An interview with CNN was arranged for Cam'ron, who is well-known for his witty lyrics and extravagant persona. Celebrities frequently engage in such activities to advance their endeavors or offer their opinions on current affairs, so this wasn't unusual. However, what happened was everything from typical.

The reporter made the decision to go into some unexpected area as soon as the interview started. Rather than following the script, they inquired about Cam'ron's opinions toward Diddy. You heard correctly—Diddy is a successful entrepreneur and hip-hop mogul. That being said, if you know Cam'ron at all, you know he doesn't mince words or hide how he feels check the video below to see how it all went..

tv screen 2 people talking
Camron on Cnn

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