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"Travis Scott and Alexander 'AE' Edwards Engage in Heated Altercation at Cannes Film Festival"

At the Cannes Film Festival, Travis Scott and Alexander "AE" Edwards, a music executive and close friend of Tyga, got into a physical dispute. Both were there at the party where the event took place. The dispute began verbally and turned into a physical fight, according to accounts. Before things became more severe, security moved in to keep the two apart. The media has given this incident a lot of attention because the parties involved are well-known. Alexander Edwards has become popular in the music business, especially from his time spent at Def Jam Records as Vice President of A&R. His ties with well-known celebrities, such as Cher more recently, and Amber Rose, with whom he has a kid, have put him in the public glare. In 2021, Edwards and Amber Rose called it quits on their romance amid claims of adultery.​

"Travis Scott performing energetically, wearing sunglasses, a black tank top, and layered silver chains."
"Travis Scott exudes energy on stage, donning his signature sunglasses and a stack of silver chains, during a live performance."

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